Launching yourself as a photographer with a defined purpose

Jessica and her husband Cesar – Photo by Diane Rivera Estella

Born in the Island of Puerto Rico during the 90s, Jessica Cristina Bonet developed an eye for photography and exotic locations. Her unique eye has contributed to a unique style when developing poses, lighting, and composition for her people-based photography.

All of these elements are carefully planned by her as she seeks the desired result. Those results are inspired by a passionate purpose, a purpose inspired by the way she thinks of uses and captures light.

Her photography business is inspired by a Bible verse:

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

“The light that enters through the camera lens is the one that helps you capture the image on the sensor, so is the light of God that guides my path. As light is an important aspect at the time when capturing an image, it is the same way the light of God is essential on an individual life,” Cristina said.

Her religious view is part of her motivation to want to engage with people, to get to know them and to capture them in the most natural and beautiful way. Her interest as a photographer is targeted to family, couple and baby photography.

“Since I want to photograph the families, couples, and babies, then I think it ties in with the circle of life – from when you are a baby, graduating from school, getting married and having a baby. Also, I think it is related to when God, who guides our lives through his Word, which is the light, and he guides us through all the greatest stages of life,” Cristina said.

Cristina is continuously educating herself inside the photography business and is currently taking a seminar centered on the importance of having a business with purpose and performing with purpose. She has worked as a photographer since 2013, but without a clear idea of her role in the profession. She is reinventing her business and is currently constructing a new website with a renewed photographic style based on her beliefs and focused on family photography.


Cristina and her husband, Cesar, who is in the Air Force, currently live in  Guam with their 2 daughters. The dramatic landscape, beaches, and ocean views have inspired her to develop an interest in aerial photography, something which, of course, her husband supports. Her new and renovated photographic concept is imminently about to be launched this summer of 2018.

“When you have a purpose is when you work towards what you really want to have as a result. After knowing your purpose is when you work towards obtaining the desired results with a passionate dedication.” Cristina said.


The Expert, from being broke to being obsessed:


Sandra Coan Photography 2017
Elena S. Blair/ Photo by Sandra Coan

Elena S. Blair is a well-known artist from Seattle, WA, who is an award-winning Family and Newborn Photographer. Eleven years ago, her life was completely submerged in a big chaos, she was breaking in debt, was working exhausting hours as a registered nurse and had a newborn. At the moment she lacked from creativeness and was suffering from isolation and exhaustion. “Call it what you will, but I don’t believe in chance. Something inside me told me to just go for it. Something inside told me I needed an outlet and perhaps photography was it. I always trust my intuition.” Elena said.

Photography for her is essential to survive but not always was like that, as previously mentioned. Actually, she offers free seminars and tutorials on her website and publishes motivational advice to those who are still failing to launch themselves as artists due to demotivational events in life.

“I have a sincere desire to build community in the industry of photography. I love showing other women that they can pursue their dream to become a photographer and that they can build a meaningful and profitable business.” Elena said.


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What’s my Inspiration

Parker Walbeck- Full Time Filmmaker

The Filmmaker that traveled the World learning to be a better Cinematographer


Parker Walbeck is one of the best inspirations for any Filmmaker on this world. His motivations to travel 15 different countries are practice and gain experience. Parker’s own testimony is that, if you practice and experience you acquire knowledge, that’s why he traveled so much. He got a degree in Communications from The Southern Utah University, as soon as he started his studies he quickly recognized the opportunities to discover his unique passions.

After traveling the world he decided to share all his acquired knowledge in a unique way, now he is offering a “crash course” anyone who is interested to learn fast and easy. Actually he had worked for recognized brands doing commercials, weddings videography and short films. His style as a cinematographer is unique and pleasant to the eye, he implements the usage of gravity and motorized camera stabilizers. The combination of time lapses, super slow motion and fast forward techniques are what separate him from other young Filmmakers.