Photo by: Diane Rivera Estella

I am a Doctoral Student that is currently building a portfolio for my possible career path. While thinking of a way to make my portfolio up to date and more attractive, I decided to take some professional photos and add them to my portfolio.

I came across with Diane, and I saw some of her work and I was impressed. I asked her to take a few pictures of me, and I told her the purpose of the picture. I must say the pictures came out great and up until today’s date, there are still compliments of those pictures that has to help my profile go higher.

-Angel Perez Jr.

US Army Enlisted Staff Sergeant / DOD Executive Operations and Doctorate Student in Homeland Security, Leadership, and National Policies

Photo by: Diane Rivera Estella

My name is Giovanni A. Pérez, and I am a professional musician. We are currently living in an Era in which social media has become paramount in the world of communication. Currently, social media is the primary vehicle to present yourself to the different industries especially in the world of arts and entertainment.

Everytime that I am in need of a high resolution and high-quality pictures and videos I always seek for Diane Rivera Estella. I fully trust Diane’s (DRE Sebastien Photography) to guide me with her creativity and experience in the field.

I currently own a website where I present instructional videos. At least more than 75% of my website videos were produced by Diane Rivera Estella. The angles in which Diane took the videos and her quality gave the videos a different perspective that is often desired. Her product is unquestionable and never dull. Thanks to her outstanding job my social media presence is at the level that it should be.

-Giovanni A. Perez

Latin GRAMMY® Nominated Producer & Piccoloist/ Flutist/ Arranger/ Educator / Trevor James Artist

Photo by: Diane Rivera Estella

 Consumerism and capitalism undoubtedly affect the minds of those who have the ability to generate impact on their craft. An industry that pushes money making a mantra often create professionals with deceiving ethics and poor pride of who and how these creations are affecting the society. Therefore, sometimes you work with remarkable people that shows you the reason why you work and live for visual arts; my experience with DRE was exactly that.

Back in 2015, we worked together on a small commercial production for TJ Flutes (UK) featuring Giovanni Peréz (Puerto Rican flutist). Our personal gear was our only gear for the production due to the high travel expenses to Puerto Rico. Gear consisted of using available light, one key light, reflector and two cameras mainly handheld. Most of this style production end up looking cheap, due to the lack of the technical gear. Therefore, this proved Diane’s capacity of working on a budget without noticeably affecting production quality, creating an outstanding material that evokes emotion and inspiration.

Any small or big production requires a huge amount of planning in order to manage time and budget properly. Especially when it comes to travel so far, lots of consideration must be taken: permits, insurance, releases, resources, etc. Even though production planning is carefully made with time, things do happen. At exactly that moment, the things go away from the plan is when you know the real capabilities of a director, crew member, cameraman, or any person working on the production. There’s when you see a professional in action, being able to stay resilient and work towards excellence creating with the available resources; DRE thus precisely that. She manages to stay resilient through constant changes, running a smooth production without losing any detail.

In conclusion, working with DRE Sebastien was very fulfilling. I tend to choose carefully who I work with and DRE proved how reliable and trustworthy can be to have as a partner, letting you focus on what it matters most, creating impact for those who watch.

-José Antonio Rivera Marrero

OWL Digital Photography / Professional Photographer