Cinematographer / Photographer / Editor / Journalist


Back in 2014, the beginning of materializing a dream took place when Diane Rivera Estella decided to pursue a degree as a Digital Cinematographer. During her teenage years, she discovered her passion as a Videographer and Photographer giving place to perform as an amateur and a hobbyist. As soon as her studies began, a series of video productions and collaborations made her fall in love with the Digital Cinematography Industry.

Since her teenage years a passion for photographing and taking videos was something big and still is, but for some reason, she decided to pursue another career. During her young adult years, she completed various certifications as a veterinarian assistant but because a severe allergy she had to stop working at the veterinary clinic. She still feels the same love for different animals, especially dogs. After being married for a couple of years and having her first child, her heart told her to go with her passion,  photography, and filmmaking. At that moment, she was scared of failure, like before with other things in life.

Her parents and husband encouraged her to take the challenge and pursue a career as a digital cinematographer by doing a bachelor’s degree. Those first weeks of initiating studies were difficult and tedious but rewarding, after few months she fell in love with her teenage calling once again.

As part of her projects, she traveled to Puerto Rico, the enchanted island that saw her come to this world. The scouting for video productions guided her to the most precious beaches and historical places. Her specialties include aerial photography and videography combined with a fascination with super slow motion videos. As a mother of one child and a wife of a military husband, her motivation in life is always to be open to improve to achieve perfection and help others to reach it as well. Every day is an opportunity to learn and get sparked to create.

“I want to keep pushing myself running towards new endeavors I don’t want to regret later in life that I had the chance to advance and decided not to do it. Well captured images are like candies on the front of the audience eyes, minimum and simple details in life are the most beautiful ones”.

-Diane Rivera Estella


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