Welcome to DRE Sebastien

Welcome to the place where the most refreshing ideas gave birth to ‘DRE Sebastien,’ a videography and photography site that will represent the beauty and vision of life, places, and events with memorable photographs and videos from different panoramas besides the traditional approach.

An individual who has a passion for capturing moments that can prevail forever is an individual who loves to tell stories. Just by opening and closing your eyes a valuable event can be lost in front of you, that is why when you catch them, they are going to be immortalized. Those moments make you analyze your life and think about the greatness involved inside of it, those events are the ones that caused you feel goosebumps, or maybe butterflies inside your stomach, and the sad moment of an unplanned goodbye. Those events in life that are viewed thru a lens are recorded forever waiting to be revisited.

Back in 2014, the beginning of materializing a dream took place when Diane Rivera Estella decided to pursue a degree as a Digital Cinematographer. During her teenage years, she discovered her passion as a Videographer and Photographer. As soon as her studies began, a series of video productions and collaborations made her fall in love with the Digital Cinematography Industry.

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Current smartphone cameras are amazing, because of that I love to capture good images with my iPhone. With the time I am getting better at it.




Aerial Cinematography

As part of a long journey now I present my final project to complete officially my Cinematography studies. The next videos are a variant of the benefits and advantages of the aerial cinematography.


Continue reading “Aerial Cinematography”

Instructional Videos

Giovanni Perez – Trevor James – Multiphonics

Flute Advanced Techniques – Multiphonics

Multiphonics, Singing and Playing, and Circular Breathing

Masterclass with Flutist Giovanni A. Pérez